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Brainheaters is under renovation!

We’re working on new updates to make your study experience much better, you can still have your study materials and prepare for your semester via our brand new App :)

I had my subscription on website!

Our new website will have the following key features

We will serve 

10 Engineering Departments: Computers, IT, EXTC, Electrical, ETRX, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Civil, Automobile, Production

Updated StudyRoom

Smart Digital Library

Smart Calculator

Engineers Community

Offline Access
Auto Sync with App
Chats & Doubt solving

57 more...

Mumbai University

Gujarat University

2 more Universities

All our existing subscribers
transfered to App

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Brainheaters App is designed by keeping in mind our existing subscribers who paid for their smart plan on website, follow the steps for a transfer:

Step 1 - Download the App
Step 2 - Tap “Already a Subscriber”
Step 3 - Select “Transfer”
Step 4 - Create new Password & Login


Additionally, you can upgrade your StudyRoom from the app

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Go to “Manage Subscription Screen” and Tap on “Manage”

Upgrade your StudyRoom to next academic year

*StudyRoom upgrades cannot be reversed

“You won't see us stop serving you better :) wait for us, wait for a new”

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