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Learning the fundamental principles of smart & Real Engineer in three major categories: Studies | Career | Skills

Smart Paper Presentation

The techniques and skills to present papers in written exams


Marks is affected by your presentation skills


Positive impact on your written exams


Engineers takes this seriously & work on it.

68% of your marks depends on your paper writing skills. Paper Presentation teaches you how to to start the paper, avoid blank in exams, control your mind while writing the papers, presenting the paper in theory, numerical, Diagrams and finally reviewing the paper, marks prediction skills and eventually scoring the same marks in your exams. The subject also teach you how to stay precise on desired pointers just by knowing the art of paper writing. ​

What you'll learn?

  • Kick start to your Paper

  • Techniques to Kick start your Paper

  • How & What to write in Theory answers

  • How & What to write in Numerical & Sums

  • How to present Diagrams and Codes

  • Technique of Rechecking

  • Sixth Sense for perfect prediction

73 Minutes

7 lectures


Smart Studies

How to Study Smart, the core principle of 20% efforts for 80% results


Students try to study everything in syllabus


Questions of total syllabus appear in Exam


Smarter studies positive impact on preparation

Students generally study super hard for semester exams and ends up building an intense mental pressure. 93.95% of Engineers uses more than 3 books to prepare for exams and try to cover whole syllabus that is 100+ Q/A. This traditional method of studies increases pressure, and break down confidence. It is really important to be smart and use the smarter principles, The Subject of "Smarter Studies" teaches you the divine power of Smartness, How to focus & create only 20-30 questions/concepts that is fruitful for a good score and justify your syllabus. It teaches you the science of smarter studies, 80/20 principle and application in your studies and career.   ​

What you'll learn?

  • Quality of Real Smarter Engineer

  • Focus on What's Really Important

  • The Art of Focus

  • ​To get more by doing less

  • 80/20 Principle understanding

  • 80/20 Principle usage on Syllabus

  • To make a Master Study Plan

61 Minutes

6 lectures


The Art of Learning

The Art of Learning - Padhte kaise hai!


Improvement in the techniques of learning


Positive impact on study plan & time plan


Students try to

learn in a pattern

This is most needed interesting subject which actually guides and teaches you the art of Learning which (Padhte kaise hai). 7 out of 10 students goes blank in the exams for no reason, this is the prime reason of less marks in the semester exams and then leads you to a backlog. This subject primarily focus on understanding the pattern of studies, destroying the "Going Blank" situation and knowing the principles of "Learning" any subject.

What you'll learn?

  • Importance of a Learning Pattern

  • Place, Voice & Direction while learning

  • Learning theory subjects Easily

  • Tactics of Learning Numerical

  • Steps to learn Codes & Diagram

  • How to Learn Math

  • The pattern of Revision​

50 Minutes

7 lectures


67 Minutes

7 lectures

Real Time Application

RTA - Real Time Application of Tech. Syllabus


Increase in Real world knowledge base


Increment in learning a subject with a purpose


Syllabus Relatability

with Industries

Realtime Knowledge and education of industry where you learn about the application of subject and syllabus into the real world and companies. 90%

and more Students study just for marks and do not know the real scope

of the subject. In this Subject you will learn and understand about the core functioning of the company and at which stages our syllabus are considered

to be applicable and the concepts MNCs uses daily. It's all about Real-Engineering knowledge.

What you'll learn?

  • Smart Education

  • Industry Knowledge

  • MNC's Basic Functioning

  • Subject & Syllabus in Action

  • ​Relatability of Subject knowledge

  • Facebook Working & RTA

  • Amazon working & RTA

  • Google & Core Companies


57 Minutes

7 lectures

Career Crafting

Career Crafting Guide - How to Discover your passion


Engineers do not have a clear vision of career


Are Confused about What, When & How?


Positive impact of Career Crafting

If you know your purpose, welcome to the 1% club, this is because 99% of Students stays confused about their career and passion. This subject teaches you how to find your love (The work that you always wanted), Figure your passion and making the best career choice. If you are a Writer, Poet, Photographer, Painter, Designer, Speaker or any other master skills we will learn how to channelize your USP into your Engineering Career and craft the brightest future for yourself. After you learn this subject you will be your own creator and choice maker with a Career choice you never regret. ​

What you'll learn?

  • Setting up a Vision ​

  • Discover Passion

  • To Follow your dreams

  • Create your own Career

  • What after Engineering ​


72 Minutes

8 lectures

Smart Internship Guide

Smart Internship Guide - Everything to know

about Internship


Students are unaware of Internship purpose


Do not know how to get one and when ?


Students do now have clue where to look

From doing various internships and then eventually becoming a co-founder I know all in and out what qualities the companies require from an intern and how can a student develop the most preliminary skills required to get the internship of his dream. In this subject you come to know the purpose of an internship along with various methods to generate multiple opportunities from just a single internship.

What you'll learn?

  • What is Internship

  • Why an Internship

  • Experience Requirements

  • The correct Choice maker

  • Basic Skills

  • Learning Curve

  • Discover the Best Internship

  • Multiple options creation


52 Minutes

6 lectures

Smart Interview Preparation

Smart Interview Preparation - Everything about Interviews & steps to clear one


Improvements in Interview understanding


Positive impact on interview preparation


Chances of clearing the next interviews

The general trend is we start digging a well when there's a fire. In this subject we will systematically lay down a plan how you should go about with interview preparation. About 90% of students starts their interview preparation 60 days prior to the placement, which eventually leads to disappointment. Remember, "If we fail to plan, we are planning to fail". We will be coving every little aspect of interviews including resume building, group discussion, personal interviews and much more.

What you'll learn?

  • Smart Interview skills

  • Aptitude test preparation

  • Process of Group Discussion

  • Creating Effective Resume

  • Technical Interview Preparation

  • HR Interview Preparation

  • Principles to Crack an Interview

62 Minutes

6 lectures

The Art of Time Management

Time plan - The Art of Managing time


Students face problem in managing time


Students are unaware of time plan techniques


Positive impact of "The Art of Time Management

Studies shows that 97.98% of the engineering students are always in a state of confusion and are productive only at last minute and this results into unhappy outputs, the cycle go on and on. The Art of time management teaches you the most significant values which you can utilize everywhere in your academic, personal and professional life. You will also learn how to create a smooth working study plan, time plan and career plan. In this subject I will share my personal timeline to teach you the consistency, perseverance, creative approach, principle of 21/90 and will implement everything into the academics and career in real time.    ​

What you'll learn?

  • Time Control Technique

  • Time Lock Principle

  • Subject Planning 

  • Destroy Distraction

  • Control Mind & Body

  • Creating Time Table

  • Making Big Plans & Schedules


Public Speaking Skills

56 Minutes

6 lectures

Public Speaking - The communication Skills


Positive impact on public speaking


Increase in speaking and self confidence


Decrease in stage fever and poor body language

The issue is you have issues with English talking, not sufficiently sure to proceed to talk in front of an audience, no aptitudes to win the correspondence at presentation itself, absence of solid and certain body language, eye to eye connection and a lot progressively little reasons that add to your non-sure identity and results into dread or Fever of open talking. As indicated by research 77% of meriting Engineers are dismissed in view of poor relational abilities. This subject will show you a strong correspondence and open talking abilities, Body language, Eye Contact, Typo and Confidence.

What you'll learn?

  • Typography in Communication

  • Punctuation in Communication 

  • Confident Speaking

  • ​Body Language

  • Eye Contact

  • ​Kill Stage Fever


156 Minutes

15 lectures

Effective Engineering

Habits of an Effective Engineers - Part 1 & 2


Engineers just focus on marks and grades


Of your Career depends on your Effective Habits


Improvements in personality & Character

What you'll learn?

Every year 1.5 million engineers are produced from various colleges all over India but hardly 10% are effective engineers. In this subject we will learn and understand about the most powerful 7 effective habits every successful engineer has. Out of millions of engineers 92% of the crowd do not have the required skills to be employed. We will first look into the interpersonal skills and them moving on to the skills that are essential in the corporate world. 

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive

  • Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

  • Habit 3: Put First things First

  • Habit 4: Think Win/Win

  • Habit 5: Seek First to understand, then Understood

  • Habit 6: Synergize

  • Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw


UI Design Fundamentals

246 Minutes

22 lectures

User Interface Designing - UI Design Fundamentals


Engineers are not

aware of  UI Scope


More in demand then coding languages 


Tech. companies needs best UI designers 

Most of engineering students are not aware about the grand scope of UI design. The world is going web and mobile as thus it is creating a huge demad for the UI designers, there are tons of programmers but very few great UI designers. The purpose of this subject is to learn and understand the UI design step by step, create the user Interface from scratch, learn wire-framing, learn prototyping. If you love drawing, sketch in school days and then you lost it somewhere or you are just not good at coding no worries, you always have UI design as the best suitable direction to go. Let's start learning!

What you'll learn?

  • Basics of UI Designs

  • Scope of Designs

  • Planning Design

  • Wire framing

  • Designing

  • Prototyping

MCQ Master Class

30 Minutes

4 lectures

MCQs Preparation quick trick - Online Exams


Engineers do not

have any clue about it


students all over need to know this today.


Of the IMP topics covered in just 50 MCQs

Due to the pandemic, there is a high probability that your exams can be in MCQ format. At first, this new MCQ format might seem a bit difficult as you are not used such an examination in engineering. On top of that, there is of lack of study materials, and no specific strategy is shared to ace this MCQ examination. So, in this subject, we will look at how you can easily overcome this hurdle and easily prepare for MCQs by making the most of Brainheaters study materials.

What you'll learn?

  • How to create an MCQ mindset

  • Tips for Preparation of MCQs

  • Creating MCQ questions

  • 40/40/20 rule on MCQs learning


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