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Smart Paper Presentation

The techniques and skills to present papers in written exams


Marks is affected by your presentation skills


Positive impact on your written exams


Engineers takes this seriously & work on it.

68% of your marks depends on your paper writing skills. Paper Presentation teaches you how to to start the paper, avoid blank in exams, control your mind while writing the papers, presenting the paper in theory, numerical, Diagrams and finally reviewing the paper, marks prediction skills and eventually scoring the same marks in your exams. The subject also teach you how to stay precise on desired pointers just by knowing the art of paper writing. ​

What you'll learn?

  • Kick start to your Paper

  • Techniques to Kick start your Paper

  • How & What to write in Theory answers

  • How & What to write in Numerical & Sums

  • How to present Diagrams and Codes

  • Technique of Rechecking

  • Sixth Sense for perfect prediction