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Transforming engineering studies easier and smarter

We are primarily focusing on making Engineering studies smarter & imposing significant values of a Ideal Engineer on every student. Brainheaters teaches each student how to study, Focus, Grow, Communicate, Present, Learn and Score Smartly. Since 2013 Brainheaters Successfully gained tons of love from over 200+ Colleges and 1,57,000+ Students across Mumbai University.

"Brainheaters Study Materials are the most Unique and Precise material" Says our 17,000 Success Stories (2018-19). Our Defenseless and Magical Materials (Bh.Papers, Bh.Notes, Bh.Questionbanks, Bh.How to Pass) saved 1000s of Student's Drop, KTs and Golden. We are always beside our Engineers 24x7x365.


Knowing the real-time applications, solving real world problems and Working on Real time Projects, creates a great engineer and thats what we call as Real Engineer. We at Brainheaters constantly focus on making you a real time engineer. The Knowledge, Imagination oriented and not just Marks, Grade Oriented.

We live by our mission, and improving student’s academic life starts with our own company. We’re building a platform and products we believe in — as well as a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who want to do the smart work & study of their lives and support each other in the process. Our focus is teaching you smart techniques via our products, services and tutorials.

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We’re a remote operating super happy team


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team operates from the city of dreams - Mumbai in India



Our Co-Founder and team operates from Dublin with remote team Mumbai


Los Angeles

Our Founder, CEO operates from Los Angeles, CA along with remote all teams.


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