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I cannot access my StudyRoom

To access StudyRoom you should have your smart plan active. Free User cannot access StudyRoom/Bh.School and other restricted features of Smart plan (check pricing plans)

If you have your smart plan active and still facing difficulties and not able to access/open/visit StudyRoom there might be couple of reasons cache files, network, internet speed, and more.


  1. Try the first troubleshooting method,

  2. Select the StudyRoom you paid for,

  3. Read your University and proper StudyRoom name that you choose from the drop down.

  4. Also please make sure you have Chrome Browser in use (recommended) then you can Logout, and close the window, please check your browser version, clear cache files and, login to your account. It should work fine :) Please give some time between your trials. ​

My Dual StudyRoom is not working.

Dual StudyRoom access is a limited time feature, it grants access to KT students to use two different StudyRoom without paying for another. 

  1. If the changes didn't reflect it might be the browser local issues, please logout and login after a couple of minutes to see the changes in your account. 

  2. Logout and Close the tab, Open after 5 minutes to login and start new session.

  3. Go to StudyRoom lobby from Dashboard and choose your requested StudyRoom.

  4. Note - If you made the request recently within 24 hours you are expected to wait for 24-48 hours, due to the volume of students the average waiting time for dual access is increased. 

  5. If you still have issues please try on Google Browser in incognito mode and check if you still have same problems. 

Keeps me redirecting to Pricing Page

Users are redirected to Pricing page only when they don't have their smart plan active and they attempt to access paid study resources. It you have your smart plan active and still redirected to pricing page, that triggers local issues with browsers, networks, Devices and sometimes the internet service provider. Try the possible popular solutions and trouble shooting methods listed.

Troubleshooting #1

If you're not able to see the certain content/functionality on website like StudyRoom, StudyResources, Recent changes, etc.. Try the first troubleshooting method, please make sure you have Chrome Browser in use (we strongly recommend) then you can Logout, and close the window, please check your browser version, clear cache files and, login to your account. It should work fine :) Please give some time between your trials. 

Troubleshooting #2

Okay, now let's try the next troubleshooting. 

1. Logout and close everything and try to open Brainheaters in Incognito Mode (Chrome is recommended) to see if there are any problems with browser cache files etc.

2. Try to disable all your browser extensions, check your internet speed and give it a fresh start again. 

Tip: For the best experience always log out after you are done and close your browser, it ends your session and the next time when you load the browser starts afresh session. This is because we constantly update the database and our servers continuously communicate to your browser, a fresh session every time you visit is a must to have a better and bugfree experience. 


Troubleshooting Mobile View

Step 1 | Check your operating system and browser

Make sure that the device and browser you're using are supported and you're using the most up-to-date version. If not, you can download a new browser from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Supported operating systems on mobile devices:

  • iPhone: iOS 12 and above (iPhone 6 and above)

  • Android: 9.0 and above

Supported browsers on mobiles devices:

  • Google Chrome 

  • Safari 

Step 2 | Clear your cache and cookies

Clear your browser's cache and cookies. For instructions on how to clear the cache on your mobile device,

Important Information:

  • Smartphones and Android tablets display the mobile-friendly version of your site, but iPads show the desktop version. 

  • We currently does not provide support for issues that occur when viewing your mobile site in landscape view. 

  • Our site load on Windows phones, however we are currently not testing functionality and therefore, are unable to offer support for any issues that may occur on this type of device. We made a thorough investigation and discovered that only 0.03% of visitors to our sites use a Windows phone. As such, we have decided to focus our efforts on Android and iOS operating systems and devices. We monitor mobile traffic and if we see an increase in traffic from this device, we will make changes accordingly.


Supported Browsers

Keep your browser updated to its most recent version to make sure live site run smoothly. 

Supported browsers for desktop devices

  • Google Chrome 

  • Safari for Mac (version 12 and above)

  • Microsoft Edge (version 18 and above) (ADI builder not supported)

  • Firefox

Supported browsers for mobile devices

Click the links below for updating instructions:

  • Google Chrome for Android

  • Google Chrome for iPhone

  • Safari (iPhone 6 and above)

Tip: You can also access your site from an in-app browser (for example, when you click a link inside of the Facebook app).

For best functionality and in order to ensure full access to the Editor interface, we recommend keeping your browser zoom at 100%.


Try incognito mode

Try opening your site in incognito mode.

If you are not experiencing issues in incognito mode then you're likely experiencing a local issue in your normal browser follow the steps below: 

Clear your cache

Your browser caches data about each website you visit to speed up loading times. Over time the actual data online can differ from what your browser has cached, potentially causing local issues. We recommend clearing your browser's cache periodically and whenever you experience website issues. 

Before clearing cache:

Try opening your browser in incognito/private mode to see if the issue is cache-related. If the problem is resolved in incognito mode, clear your browser's cache.

Still experiencing issues after clearing cache?

Try flushing your system's DNS. If this doesn't resolve the issues, follow the instructions for disabling add-ons and extensions below.

Disable add-ons and extensions

Local issues can also be caused by extensions or add-ons (including those installed by security programs).

To disable your Google Chrome extensions:

  • Open Google Chrome.

  • Click the More icon .

  • Select More tools and click Extensions.

  • Deselect the Enabled checkbox.

To disable your Firefox extensions:

  • Open Firefox.

  • Click the Menu icon .

  • Select Add-ons.

  • Select the Extensions or Appearance panel.

  • Select an add-on and click Disable.

  • Click Restart now (your tabs will be saved and restored after the restart). 

To disable your Internet Explorer extensions:

  • Open Internet Explorer.

  • Click the Tools icon.

  • Select Manage add-ons.

  • Under Show, select All add-ons.

  • Select an add-on.

  • Click Disable and then Close.

To disable your Edge extensions:

  • Open Edge.

  • Click the More icon.

  • Select Extensions.

  • Right-click an extension and select Turn Off.

To disable your Safari extensions:

  • Open Safari.

  • Click the Safari menu and select Preferences.

  • Click Extensions.

  • Select an extension and deselect the Enable checkbox.


Try using another browser

To establish if this is a browser related issue, please try opening your site using a different supported browser.


If using a different browser resolves the issue, we recommend reinstalling your problematic browser.

Try using a different computer

Some issues are caused by security programs such as antivirus, anti-malware, or firewall programs which falsely detect an issue in a Brainheaters site.

To check if this is the issue, please try using a different computer. 


Try a different network connection

Please connect to a different Wi-Fi network. If you don't have access to a different network, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot with your mobile phone to troubleshoot live site issues. 


We are aware that some public institutions such as schools, universities, public libraries or government facilities, restrict access to certain URLs, including the Brainheaters servers. If using a different network resolves the issue, we recommend contacting the relevant IT department at your location (if possible) to see if they can whitelist us.