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Question Papers

Bh.Papers are Highly Analysed Question papers which are very unique. It includes Colour concepts for repeated questions, Total Questions - Module, Marks wise Analysis & Next Paper prediction.

Notes & Handbooks

The light house in the ocean, An ocean of information is available, you can learn anything, anywhere, anytime. However, it is equally easy to get lost in this ocean. Our notes & handbooks work as lighthouses, highlighting the path for you to traverse the ocean. Focus only on what's really important.

Question banks 

Question banks a small cozy shelter in the deep dark woods of the syllabus, you will survive (pass) comfortably (with a good score). Hand picked & most important set of questions promising 50+ on 80

Digital Library

Say good bye to "books searching stress all over the internet" Bh.library holds all subject reference books/textbooks recommended by university. Easy to use and downloadable.


Studying without referring a blueprint is like being on a treasure hunt without a map. Knowing the right places to visit to reach your X-mark will ensure that you get your treasure, similarly knowing the relevant content to study from each chapter will ensure you get your high score. That's Brainheaters Blueprints. 

Study Plan

For the ones to whom what matters is finishing the race, here is our guide to lead you to the No-KT side of the finish line. How to Pass/Score video series + unique study plan teaches you how to score well just by concentrating smart and focusing only on the necessary elements. 

Discuss any doubts or problems

In Bh.Community, India’s largest Engineering Community, you can post questions, answers and share your knowledge with like-minded Engineers

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Discuss your doubts, post your
questions and get it addressed by other
Engineers across 100+ colleges

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Post an answer to a question, share your
piece of content and help others to get the best possible solution for their problem

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Functionality allows you to follow your friends, other Engineers in the community and keep an eye on their content, answers, questions, books etc.

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Students from over 124+ Colleges

Brainheaters taught me the pattern of how Engineering Exams and smart study,

this eventually turned out to be very helpful to me in exams. Brainheaters played a very important role in my Engineering career!!!!!


I had more than 5 kts, was upset about KTs and my regular college syllabus. All stress was destroyed by Brainheates.  studying stuff guiding by Brainheaters and then finally those KTs are clear in first attempt, So thank you Brainheaters .


It has literally changed by view towards Engineering studies, I use to study every thing for a subject but then with BH I learned how to focus smart. Scored 44/60 in ED by Smart Study. BH changed my career and me totally, made me Smart !


Brainheaters has simplified the study pattern by its innovative ways in exam preparation. I am a guy who don't buy engineering books, so the only source to get study materials and guidance is Brainheaters, and it has never failed me . 


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