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Harsh Patel

CEO, Founder, Creator & Marketing Director

Harsh Patel is the CEO and Founder of Brainheaters. He take care
of all the projects and channel of the company, creates UI, Develop
the website, manage team. Over the past 10 years, he has had a distinguished career as an entrepreneur, designer, and technologist.

In 2013, Harsh found brainheaters, a new platform specially for engineers that changed the way we study & deal with academic work by bringing together smart approach, products, and principles to help students do their best studies smartly. Since then, over 140,000 engineering students in over 110 colleges have turned to Brainheaters to increase their academic performance --making it the place to Learn, collaborate, and get study done.

In 2014, he pioneered a new concept of sharing study resources on the website when he founded Bh.StudyRoom and built everything for first 5 departments alone & turned into one of the largest study material provider for Engineers in the country.

He was named as one of the Most Influential People in his academic journey, He walked out of campus interview and dropped 2 offers of MNCs to build Brainheaters for the future of Indian Engineers. Harsh has a Bachelor of Engineer (Hons) in Computers from the Mumbai University and all the other subjects & skills he gained by self studies. He retains academic interests in Computer science, Designs, organizational psychology, people management, Leadership and philosophy of science.

He strongly believe Indian engineers are most powerful but at the same time they are kept in a fear box. Harsh is on a mission to transform the entire path of engineering studies to smart & make every engineer capable of doing something they are passionate about. He is introvert, focused, sharp observer, great leader and a superb coach.


A. F. Mansuri

Co-Founder, Content Director and Jr. Designer

Mansuri is responsible for Brainheaters content creation & management strategy and Designing which includes overseeing global operations, content, accounting, work & team strategy, content development strategy, plans, team relations, resource analytics, and Assist. Website designs with Harsh .

Prior to Brainheaters, Mansuri was the one of highly valued & known personality of the college, He was not among the topper since college times & never believed to be, but strongly believed in smart studies, he helped drive growth in content development. Earlier in his story he was classmate of Harsh & after couple of months he started working as an analyst where he helped Harsh generating content quickly.

Mansuri’s involvement & sharp vision over the content gave a new exposure to the resources. He started taking over all the product development and strategy one by one quickly, becoming the ultimate handler of the core resources & products strategy.

Over the period of time Mansuri became the best of Harsh, joining Brainheaters in early 2015 made him one of the most experienced person in company. He received his Bachelor of Computer Science from Mumbai University. He is recognised as quick learner, analyst and sharp observer in and out of business world. His dedication towards work always inspire all the team members. Mansuri is considered as one of the powerful leader at Brainheaters.


Arth Patel

Co-Founder & Youtube Manager

Arth Patel is the co-founder and Marketing Director of Brainheaters. He oversees Brainheaters world-class engineering students and sets the marketing vision for the company.

In 2019, he was named as best student of the college and recognized by the company as a Young Passionate Leader.

Previously, Arth built and led the engineering students at college, through its acquisition by networks. An experienced marketing student and a growing individual in team, he spiked the best-selling Bh.Notes in the market (back in 2016). Arth was also a pioneer in the use of smart approach. He joined Brainheaters as a freshee intern in 2015, over the time he started tuining with Harsh, aligned with the companies vision and dedicated himself to the company’s mission.

Arth was involved in Athletics, College activities & early online network through his work with digital creative communities and the LinkedIn.

He has a Bachelor of Computer Science from Mumbai University. Arth experienced the supreme impact of Brainheaters and smart work which inspired him to work with Harsh every day. He is a quick learner, a person with idea and an ideal Leader.


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