Impact of Brainheaters

We take your report cards & career very seriously. The quality of our materials will exceed your expectations when it comes to your learning, examination & studies.

Measurable growth & success

Makes you Smarter

Study materials designed in a way which automatically makes you a smarter individual.

Real Engineer

Brainheaters switch you to real engineer where you deal the practical world, not just theory.

Values Forever 

Our study techniques and  principles stay with you forever and ever after academics & exams

Change in perspective

It changes the whole perspective of rigorous studies effortlessly

to the smart studies

A Clear Vision

Smarter Study techniques makes your vision clear about your academics & career goals

Stress Free Study

Over the period of time, you master the art of focus and learn to minimize stress by using the 80/20 principle

Modify study pattern

BH. modify your traditional study path to a systematic  study pattern

Better Score

Being a Bh.Student you see a visible growth in your report cards over the period of time.

NO KTs & Drops

Accuracy, Reliability, Guidelines and Trusted Materials, clear your KTs and drop easily.

Our Major Focus

To make you a better and smarter Engineer

Master the art of Focus - Learning what to avoid

To teach you systematic study patterns

Growing as student of values and not just marks

Making your academic journey smooth & easy

Solving academic & non-academic problems at grass roots


Students Upgraded their Study pattern & Switched Smart


Students Clear their KT’s and Drop every year effortlessly


Chats and discussions covered in community every semester

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