featured student - Antariksh

How Brainheaters helped Antariksh scale his academic culture & studies

Bh.Student Since 2018 | College: PVPPCOE

BRAINHEATERS!!! What can I say about them! Let's start from the beginning!

I was in FE, completely unaware of these engineering subjects and literally scared of scoring. Then one of my friends shared the link of the WhatsApp group and asked me to join for some really helpful and awesome content. I was like, okay! Let's see! Then I started referring the study material,

notes and all.

Second semester exams!!
I was completely unaware about SPA! But the study material on the website really helped me to clear the subject. Also, the ' how to clear.... ' series is really very helpful for time management.

Now I am in SE and really happy with the notes, question banks and blueprints that you guys have shared, for the first time I am expecting a better pointer! Thanks a lot guys you are doing some real awesome work there. You guys have set a milestone for many young entrepreneurs! Wish you the best for BH.School and keep helping us with your amazing content!!
Thank you!!

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featured student - Vedant Lahane

How Vedant was shocked about Brainheaters impact on his engineering journey.

Bh.Student Since 2018 | College: RGIT

It was 20th day of September 2018 when my friend shared me this very ambiguous link, totally out of context of what we used to talk about. That was the day I explored something which was very unusual to an Engineering student.

A site which has already sorted your Engineering studies even before your planning. Though I joined classes(vacation batch), there's always a concern amongst any learner to give that *extra* to what he/she's always planning to. That *extra* gains were totally from Team BH.

It has a tremendous source of material that is of utmost importance. This can only be mentioned by the one who sincerely followed what they told. Receiving end was completely our's, as they didn't fall short in being our source. Recently the results of FE Sem 2 were out & I scored a bang on 9.15 gpa.I don't know if this story would be the one which the Team BH would consider the BEST. To be honest, them reading this will surely have an impact of what they're doing in whole.Winding up I would THANK them for the role they played in my FRESHERS year & Keep up the Good Work

Aditi Verma

Since 2017 | Viva Institute

It was really amazing experience at Brainheaters Receiving end was completely our's, as they didn't fall short in being our.

Chetan Gawale

Since 2017 | Vidyalankar Inst.

In FE I didn't knew about BH, Scored around 7-7.5 pts and was sad, friends scoring more than me with ease and I wanted to learn that smart way too. I got introduced to BH via WhatsApp Group and then I Scored 8.44 in Sem 3 and a whopping 9.3 in Sem 4. Just by solving BH Question Banks and Studying their Analytics of the Previous Year Papers and Study Material at the Exam Leave. Thank You BH :) you're the best!

Abhishek Pandey

Since 2017 | L. R Tiwari

You guys are just awesome and I hope my journey completes with Bh. and also I wish to stay with BH forever. Now I am much confident that I will score great all the semester of Engineering.

Aman Choudary

Since 2018 | SIGCE

I had more than 5 kts and specially in BEE I was upset about that + my regular college syllabus. After getting into Brainheaters things started becoming very easy, I learnt a new perspective, started following them & their materials, and then finally those kt are clear in one attempt so thank you  Brainheaters.

Akhila Vishnu

Since 2018 | RAIT

Brain heaters is a really helpful site. Everything has been mentioned so perfectly. From question banks to important questions, analysis to blueprints, everything is perfection! Thank you :)

Mansi Lote

Since 2017 | Vishwaniketan

Brainheaters is awesome platform for students to do perfect studies for exams, and only because of BH I am able to increase my pointer in exam it's really beneficial for me. Love you :)

Suyog Vasage

Since 2018 | Finolex Academy

I use to wonder how will I survive in this competitive world then I come to know about brainheaters. In first sem my pointer was 7.67 but from last six months when I joined brainheaters I have learned a lot about how to write paper, perfect study material and smart study. Then in next sem I jumped to 8.89 and it was really revolutionary Thank you so much brainheaters. I'm still following brainheaters . 

Aisha Patel

Since 2017 | SFIT

You saved a career end path of my friend i.e from leaving engineering due to parental pressure and taking B.S.C and almost wasting a year. That helped him a lot . Everything you provided was helpful so that means a lot to us.Thank you so much

Sanika Bhagwat

Since 2017 | Don Bosco

From failing in UT to getting 8+ pointers in semesters all credits goes to Brainheaters, Bh changed me completely & made me smart!

Shubham Upadhyay

Since 2017 | Viva Institute

Being a tensed , depressed student to happy, smart , student...brainheater has played very important role being a TECAHER, FRIEND, GUIDE. Bh actually resolved all the study related problems by teaching how to study Smart and get time for soft skill development . All the members of Bh are VERY SUPPORTIVE they instantly replied to every doubt doesn't matter how relevant is it, You guys are doing an extra ordinary work by transforming us to Smart Engineers.

Saurav Jha

Since 2018 | Shah 7 Anchor

Team BH smart work is really commendable, there cannot be any platform so precise & perfect. Just perfect !

Snehal Verma

Since 2017 | Thakur College

Earlier in first year when I didn't know about BH, I had three kts and then one of my friends added me to the Bh community that helped me clear all three of them and now I am also able to score good pointers.


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