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These are some of the values we live by, as a company. We work by them too. We’re building an online study platform we believe in.We enjoy our working and have fun. All works super friendly, Our Founder and Co-Founder are the best friends of every one in the team. We operate from different regions of Mumbai, Dublin and Los Angeles, Yes we do !!





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Content Creator Assist.

99.99% of the Engineering students are not scoring a good score is just because of inappropriate study materials but for the last 4 years it has decreased up to 61% due to Brainheaters study materials. Brainheaters Study materials are what we call our unique handcrafted content. We work really smart with fun to deliver smarter study materials. 

We are looking for someone who is excellent at typing and creating their own answers, fingers never stop when they are above the keyboard and who really thinks that creating better study materials will change ultimately 1000s of Students results. Creative content writer to get exposure on social media marketing & copywriting. Your content will be reviewed, modified, and reconstructed before it's going live on the site. 

What you'll do:

  1. Typing papers and submitting deadlines and connecting with the analysis team.

  2. Creating Own answers in your own words for the Students to make their understanding easy and simple.

  3. Assisting with other content development where ever it is required.

  4. Research and Creating dry blogs and articles. 

  5. Creative content design & copywriting

Who you will be working with:
You gonna work with our content team and slightly with the web and Instagram team. You will be reporting to Content Director "Mansuri"  and CEO "Harsh Patel" and will be working in sync. At times you will also be working with a Creative content Developer and Blogger where your research work will be integrated.

What's your impact:
With your help, Brainheaters will be posting new Papers, Q.banks, and Notes. 
Your research work will be connected to create and write new posts, stories & coverings on the latest happenings. 

Non-Technical Requirements:

  1. You deeply love content creating, typing, and helping students.

  2. You should be excellent in English.

  3. Brainheaters don't support chatting (Short Form English) You need to be very precise in typing English Grammar.

  4. You are open-minded and do not have an ego about your way being the only way.

  5. Your Voice justifies the love, passion, and respect for the Team Brainheaters.

  6. You should have a laptop/Desktop and decent Internet connectivity. 

Compensation and Perks

  • Internship Certificate 

  • Cover Letter (Performance Based)

  • Intern & Employee Perks 

  • Free Bh.Smart Plan Membership (After 30 working days) 

If you’ve made it this far, you should probably apply. We’ll talk to you soon!

Digital Marketing & Networking

Brainheaters WhatsApp network is the Largest network of Smart Engineers in Mumbai. 48,000+ Students from 200+ colleges collaborate with with each other and share 35,780 study related discussion texts every 24 hours. Team Brainheaters handles every groups responsibly. Brainheaters Instagram is most loved and admired by 14,000+ Engineers (BH has direct target Loyal Audience not just followers). Posting Stories, informative, unique contents in connection with engineers study and carrier. We are looking for someone who is excellent in crafting good contents and, someone who can manage the channel and take a lead to expand the Loyal audience to next level. 

What you'll do:

  1. You will be working most of the time on WhatsApp, texting and handling groups.

  2. Posting important study materials as per the instructions and announcements in the groups allotted to you.

  3. Connecting with marketing and creative content team to schedule contents to be posted on the groups.

  4. Assisting Content team for rapid prototyping and scaling of ongoing projects (If required)

  5. You will be crafting instagram posts which is original, unique and at the same time connects 1000s of Engineers.

  6. Publishing the post and stories after approval.

Who you will be working with:
You will be working with Instagram Channel, Whatsapp channel Lead "Harsh & Ridhi" most of the time for creating new and unique posts, discussing about the past, upcoming posts reports and performance. Harsh gonna teach you how the designs and typography works in sync with contents on social media platforms and many more interesting facts. 

What's your impact:
Brainheaters WhatsApp is the most trending and rapidly growing channel. Your handling and managing skills will ultimately help Brainheaters team to serve more and more better to each and every students of the community. Through WhatsApp we have changed thousands of students results and life. You gonna change further 1000s of results with team Brainheaters. With your support and involvement Brainheaters will reach out to maximum students in more artistic manner through Instagram. 

Non-Technical Requirements:

  1. You are a quick learner.

  2. You must know how instagram algorithm works.

  3. You are a brilliant content writer specially on Instagram.

  4. You deeply love helping students on Chats. 

  5. You should be excellent in Typing and English Grammar. 

  6. Brainheaters don't support chatting (Short Form) English, You need to be very precise while typing words on WhatsApp.

  7. You are open-minded, and do not have an ego about your way being the only way.

  8. You need to be available to start texting anytime team needs you. 

  9. Good Networking in and out of your friend circle.

  10. You should be a social Butterfly.

Compensation and Perks

  • Internship Certificate

  • Cover Letter (Performance Based)

  • Intern & Employee Perks 

  • Free Brainheaters Smart Membership (After 30 working days) 

If you’ve made it this far, you should probably hit that nice looking Black button below and apply. We’ll talk to you soon!

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